Recap Chinese Drama "Thank You, Doctor" Episode 36

Nov 23, 2022

Bai Shu wakes up in a daze early in the morning and finds Zheng Yajie lying beside him. He is so frightened that he regrets that he was drunk and made a mistake last night.

The salesperson of health care products came to the hospital to find Huang Lili and vigorously publicized the company's newly developed and upgraded fruit juice to her, asking her to buy 100 bottles first to promote it. Huang Lili used all her savings to buy a batch of juice, but it has not been sold yet. The salesman asked her to borrow money from Tiantian Loan, but Huang Lili's husband came later and forcibly drove the salesman away. Huang Lili fainted from the panic. Xiao Yan and Bai Shu worked together to rescue Huang Lili, and Huang Lili was saved from danger.

After Wen Jinjin was rejected by Baishu, she posted on Weibo announcing that she would no longer pester Baishu from now on, which attracted more netizens to express sympathy for her, and Wen Jinjin's fans soared. When Zheng Yajie learned that Wen Jinjin was no longer pestering Bai Shu, she showed her affection to Bai Shu immediately, and deliberately declared her love for Bai Shu in front of Xiao Yan.

Bai Shu saw Zheng Yajie's thoughts and rejected her feelings face to face, Zheng Yajie had no choice but to leave angrily, she hid aside and wept secretly, Xu Yiran saw everything in his eyes, advised Zheng Yajie not to stalk Bai Shu, just give him silent care and love Accompanied, Zheng Yajie was unwilling to give up at this point, she came to Bai Shu again to confess, Bai Shu made it clear that there was no love between the two of them, and Zheng Yajie didn't care, and vowed to wait until the day he changed his mind.

Huang Lili recovered and was discharged from the hospital. When she ran into Xiao Yan, she kept claiming that medicine could not cure her illness because the nutrition extracted from the juice made her recover so quickly. Her husband had no choice but to say that the person from the health care product company was taken by the police. She used The medicine she took was not extracted from fruit juice at all. Bai Zhu and Xiao Yan gave her symptomatic treatment and she was able to recover. Huang Lili came to her senses.

Fu Ming came to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital with abdominal pain. He asked Tang Hua to copy the operation records and examination results two months ago. Tang Hua remembered that he had performed an appendix operation on him. Tang Hua asked Lin Zhi to take Fu Ming to make a photocopy without thinking too much. After she dealt with the patient, she thought about it and thought it was strange. She hurriedly looked through Fu Ming's operation records and examination results, and suddenly found that Fu Ming's liver had a tumor. She ignored the shadow at the time, and Tang Hua reported the matter to Lu Pingan immediately.

Both Lu Ping'an and Xu Yiran felt that Fu Ming had come prepared. Now that he had found a liver tumor, he came to look for the previous test results, and wanted to charge Tang Hua with a wrong diagnosis. Chen Zhi put all the responsibility on himself. If he hadn't pestered Tang Hua every day, Tang Hua wouldn't have made mistakes. Bai Shu felt that Tang Hua was not wrong. Fu Ming came to see a doctor two months ago because of lower abdominal pain. Tang Hua accurately judged that it was appendicitis and performed an operation on him. Tang Hua had fulfilled his responsibility, and doctors are not omnipotent. It is impossible to diagnose all diseases in the patient's whole body.

Lu Pingan felt that what Bai Shu said made sense. Tang Hua wanted to take the initiative to contact Fu Ming and ask him to make a pathological diagnosis as soon as possible. Bai Shu, Xiao Yan and Xu Yiran all supported Tang Hua's decision. Fu Ming soon came to the hospital, and Tang Hua explained the truth to him. Fu Ming had known about the shadow of the liver a long time ago. He had an operation two months ago because of appendicitis. He thought it had nothing to do with the shadow of the liver, so he didn't tell Tang Hua. Lu Ping'an persuaded Fu Ming to check further. It turned out that the abdominal pain was caused by chronic gastroenteritis. Tang Hua prescribed stomach medicine for him. Fu Ming was very grateful to them, but he didn't expect them to take the initiative to call him.
Lu Pingan praised Tang Hua for its good work. Tang Hua looked at Fu Mingyuan's back, and she was deeply touched. She didn't want Chen Zhi to continue pretending to be a boyfriend, let Chen Zhi have fantasies about her, so Tang Hua went to Chen Zhi for a showdown. , repeatedly emphasizing that the two of them are not the same kind of people, Chen Zhi is reluctant to part with Tang Hua, and also excuses that Tang Hua can't explain to his mother, Tang Hua would rather fall out with his mother and end this pretend relationship with Chen Zhi.

That night, Tang Hua went home to explain the truth to her mother. Her mother told her to get along with Chen Zhi, and sooner or later they would develop feelings. It was pouring rain, Chen Zhi called Tang Hua, Tang Hua refused to answer in anger, unexpectedly Chen Zhi shouted Tang Hua downstairs in the rain, Tang Hua hurried downstairs with an umbrella, and forcibly drove Chen Zhi away .

Chen Zhi caught a cold and caught a cold in the rain, Xu Yiran gave him a bag of cold medicine, Chen Zhi was upset, he didn't think about tea and food, Xu Yiran saw it and felt anxious. Li Fuping is the salesman of the company. She accompanied the client to dinner and passed out on the spot as soon as she came out of the hotel. Li Fuping was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. As soon as Chen Zhi came in, she smelled a strong smell of alcohol and thought that Li Fuping was in a coma caused by alcoholism. Li Fuping The mother strongly protested that Li Fuping was allergic to alcohol, so she did not drink at all. After hearing the news, Xiao Yan rushed over and did relevant examinations on Li Fuping. It was found that she had a cerebral infarction, and she must be treated with thrombolysis immediately, otherwise her life would be endangered.

Li Fuping's younger brother, Xiao Xiang, learned that the thrombolysis cost seven to eight thousand, and he suspected that the hospital was charging the price randomly. Tang Hua explained that this was a unified price set by the price bureau. Li Fuping was the breadwinner of the family. Only then reluctantly agreed. Chen Zhi blamed himself very much, Xiao Yan encouraged him not to doubt himself, as long as he had a clear conscience, Chen Zhi was relieved a little.

Li Fuping finally regained consciousness after thrombolytic therapy, she found that she could not move her lower limbs, Xiao Yan advised her not to worry, the situation will gradually improve. Li Fuping revealed that she was eating with a client, but the client accidentally spilled wine on her body. Chen Zhi learned the whole story and bowed deeply to apologize to Li Fuping.