Recap Chinese Drama "Love Behind the Melody" Episode 7

Jun 23, 2022

Li Sasa used Lu Jingnian's name to cover the most expensive restaurant in the capital. When Lu Jingnian arrived, he realized that something was wrong and wanted to slip away, but he didn't want Li Sasa to be quick. Even if she was wronged, she still wanted to get away with it, Li Sasa would definitely make Lu Jingnian bleed once. Sheng Jin and Qing Qiu were fighting for the sake of the two, so Li Sa Sa ate a lot in the box, and Lu Jingnian next to him had a painful expression on his face. Li Sasa ordered the most expensive fruit wine, not forgetting to say that this restaurant was recommended by Yu Shijie. Li Sasa said that she had found out the truth a few days ago and suffered from the cold, and wanted to move to the house next to Lu Jingnian. The selection of Shangyuan was approaching.

Li Sasa ate and wiped the cakes and took away the cakes. Lu Jingnian was very helpless. Lu Jingnian asked someone to find a person with excellent skills to fill the vacancy in the classroom, because there was no one to help in the classroom after Jinse left. Li Sasa officially joined the rehearsal, but everyone couldn't cooperate with each other, and Lu Jingnian was very disappointed. Since knowing that Jinse is a traitor, everyone is on guard against each other for fear of being betrayed, but only Xin'er is not afraid, and even invites to go to dinner with Li Sasa. Li Sasa believes that it is not the issue of Lu Jing's tunes, but the most critical issue is the issue of people's hearts. Only by mutual trust can we work closely together.

Because the rehearsal was very unpleasant in the inner classroom, Su Zongchen came to Li Xin to discuss how to change the selection time so that Lu Jingnian could not participate in the selection of the Shangyuan Festival. Lu Jingnian and Taichang Siqing were at odds, but Li Xin felt that it was not appropriate to do so. There is a Bodhisattva who can't be offended in the Neijiaofang, so it's better to send her to the Youjiaofang and turn him upside down. Li Xin was going to send Miss Song to the Youjiaofang, and praised Li Sasa in awe, and Miss Song really had some thoughts about her.

Youjiaofang wants to build a team, but everyone is not used to such an atmosphere. Li Sasa took the initiative to play games with everyone. I hope everyone can build trust with each other, and it will be fun soon. Yu Shijie came to cook for everyone. In fact, he came for Xiner and brought her some greasy mints. Xiner liked it very much. When they talked about what to eat, they could talk about endless topics. Li Sa Sa did not expect that Lu Jingnian and Yu Shijie were friends. They didn't seem to be the same people at all. Yu Shijie was sincere, but Lu Jingnian was very cunning. Li Sasa accidentally fell into the water, and Lu Jingnian hurriedly jumped down to save someone, but fortunately, Li Sasa knew water and was just teasing him. Sheng Jin saw the two figures in the water kissing each other, and quickly hid to the side.

A team building boosted everyone's feelings, but Sheng Jin found out that Luluo was with someone else and could only cry silently. Thinking of a kiss in the water, Lu Jingnian had a very extraordinary dream. Li Sasa didn't expect Lu Jingnian to be so innocent. When he ran to the yard for a walk, he happened to see Lu Jingnian there. When Lu Jingnian saw her silently bowing her head and leaving with a blushing face, Li Sasa smiled. I didn't expect this old fox to be quite cute. of. Miss Song was transferred to Youjiaofang, and she was accompanied by a lot of maids to help with food, clothing, housing and transportation. Everyone was very dissatisfied when they saw such a big pomp. Lu Jingnian asked Miss Song to go upstairs to rest and rehearse in no hurry. Miss Song wanted to grab Li Sasa's title. Although Li Sasa didn't care about the title, she was afraid that Lu Jingnian wouldn't have much interaction with her, so she had to fight with her. Not everyone can do the title.

Miss Song sat directly in Li Sasa's place for rehearsal, completely ignoring everyone. Miss Song gave everyone a slap in the face, speeding up the rhythm and stopping suddenly, almost hurting the musician's hand. Li Sasa came to meet Miss Song with a smile, and gave her the throne, saying that she would listen to Miss Song from now on.