Recap Chinese Drama "Love Behind the Melody" Episode 6

Jun 23, 2022

Although Li Sa Sa found this fragrance, but still could not find the list of purchasers. Li Sasa was also expected to hear that the musicians approached Lu Jingnian to complain, but she felt that Lu Jingnian would not let things continue. But Qingqiu heard that Lu Jingnian had found a few people to meet and acted very intimately. Li Sasa hurried over, seeing Lu Jingnian's intimate behavior with the woman, Li Sasa was very angry.

Lu Jingnian was dating a woman who was clever, and Li Sasa was so angry that he wanted to expose his conspiracy. Li Sasa took everyone to a short distance to watch Lu Jingnian's flower peacock unfolding, and by the way explained his tricks and advised everyone to cherish life and stay away from peacocks. Before she knew it, Lu Jingnian had come behind her, Li Sasa shivered with fright, and was sold by everyone in a blink of an eye. It turned out that today was Xiaoliu's father's memorial day, and Lu Jingnian came to accompany her because she was afraid that she would be unsafe. As for the ambiguity of others, it was just an ordinary move. No one thought it was ambiguous. Lu Jingnian always respected everyone and treated them well. as family. Li Sasa was at a loss for a while. Could it be that she really blamed Lu Jingnian? Everyone pointed their finger at Li Sasa again, so she was wrong?

Lu Jingnian had been looking for the person who set the fire for the past few days, but he couldn't find it after half of the photos. Li Sasa came to Lu Jingnian to apologize, and told him about Yunxiangzhai, and she would expand the scope of investigation. It just didn't occur to Lu Jingnian that he had already noticed the scent and had already started looking for it. Li Sasa smelled the fragrance of everyone by serving tea to everyone, but still couldn't find it. Lu Jingnian planned to change the method, but Li Sasa was busy with her work in vain.

Xiner was pursued by people she didn't like, so she couldn't bear to beat him. Li Sasa liked this kind of temper very much after seeing it. The suitor pursues Xiner persistently, but Li Sasa suddenly appears as Xiner's sister to help Xiner block the peach blossom. Xin'er was stunned to see such a scene. It turns out that money is the touchstone of a man. Li Sasa accidentally saw Lu Jingnian there and wanted to secretly see what he was going to do. Lu Jingnian went to the proprietress and asked the person who bought the almond hibiscus powder. His face was easy to use, but Lu Jingnian was very nervous. Li Sasa silently saw through his fake peacock. It turned out that he also had two faces. If Lu Jingnian was to get the roster today, what was it usually for?

When Lu Jingnian released the news about almond and hibiscus powder, Jinse looked very nervous. Lu Jingnian was drinking in the attic, Li Sasa sat next to him, and the two waited for the traitor to reveal his secret. Li Sasa took the bottle and drank it, stunned Lu Jingnian. Li Sasa misses beer a little, misses his friends in modern times, and doesn't know how they are. Unconsciously, Li Sasa fell asleep leaning on Lu Jingnian's shoulder. When he woke up, he found that his face was flushed to the base of his ears. Li Sasa deliberately approached him, just when Jinse was about to go out in a hurry, Xiner Li Sasa found her from both sides. Jin Se said that the fire was just an accident, she had no reason to destroy the piano room, and she also agreed to Zuojiaofang when she was desperate. Lu Jingnian didn't send her to see the officials, but he still sent her back to her hometown.

Jin se and Su Zongchen met and said goodbye. Lu Jingnian helped her pay back the money, and she had no face to stay here. Li Sasa asked Lu Jingnian to eat at the most expensive restaurant, but Shengjin was very scared in a panic.