Recap Chinese Drama "Love Behind the Melody" Episode 5

Jun 23, 2022

Li Sasa joined Youjiaofang and offended Su Zongchen. Su Zongchen hated Lu Jingnian, thinking that he was behind it. Li Sasa suddenly changed her mind, and Lu Jingnian was also a little wary, but Li Sasa was extremely skilled after all, so she had no reason to reject him when she came forward. However, Lu Jingnian decided to hang Li Sasa for a few days to dampen her spirits. If she really had a conspiracy, she would show a fox's tail sooner or later. Lu Jingnian knew that Su Zongchen would definitely put this account on him, so he asked Youjiaofang to pay more attention.

Qingqiu didn't understand why Li Sasa came to Youjiaofang, but Li Sasa really couldn't help it, after all, Li Runiang was too infatuated. If Lu Jingnian was really destined by Li Runiang, then their ensemble would definitely have a feeling of harmony. Li Sasa decided to hurry up and confirm. Li Sasa chose Youjiaofang, Su Zongchen would not let it go, Yu Xunan decided to meet Lu Jingnian, he did not want to see Lu Jingnian and Youjiaofang imprisoned. Lu Jingnian had been taught under Yu Xun'an for several years, and now there are constant disputes among the major schools, and Lu Jingnian and Su Zongchen have always been at odds, but he is afraid of getting into trouble for a while. Lu Jingnian did not deliberately oppose Su Zongchen, but the twist of events was outside the historical data. Li Sasa came to find Lu Jingnian. She realized that she was a little dissatisfied with Lu Jingnian being deliberately left to one side, and tentatively asked him about his youth, but Lu Jingnian didn't say anything at all, and hurriedly went to rehearsal.

Xin'er hurried off work and complained that Lu Jingnian was dragging the hall. The selection time on the New Year's Day was so tight, but Lu Jingnian would rather rehearse day and night than let Li Sasa join. Li Sasa had a plan and ran to find Sheng Jin. Sheng Jin was peeking at Luluo at the door of the kitchen. Li Sasa took the opportunity to offer to help him pursue Luluo, on the condition that he got some news about Lu Jingnian. One second before giving birth to Jin, he was loyal to Lu Jingnian, and the next second he rebelled immediately. Shengjin told Li Sasa all the news about Lu Jingnian, and learned that Lu Jingnian had been living in the mausoleum before, and Li Runiang's sweetheart was also in the mausoleum. The piano room suddenly caught fire, Sheng Jin and Li Sasa hurriedly called people to put out the fire, and Lu Jingnian rushed in desperately. Lefang was already in a special situation, and he must not lose any more pianos. Seeing this, Li Sasa also rushed in and rescued Lu Jingnian.

Su Zongchen sent someone to Youjiaofang to look for the music book, but he couldn't find it. He wanted someone to destroy the music book, and Lu Jingnian would definitely miss the selection for the Shangyuan Festival. Li Sasa learned from Shengjin that Lu Jingnian suffered from fire dizziness, which was saved from a previous fire scene. The rescued person was a girl who played the pipa and had a scar on the back of her neck. Li Sasa was even more certain that the person Li Runiang was thinking about was Li Runiang, but why Lu Jingnian was so taboo about saving people, it was originally a good thing. Lu Jingnian was unwilling to put on the shackles of marriage. It was too difficult for Li Sasa to marry Lu Jingnian.

Lu Jingnian felt that this fire was a bit strange, and Su Zongchen was the most suspicious, and he had to guard against it. Lu Jingnian asked Shengjin why she didn't go to clean the piano room yesterday, and knowing that Li Sasa was looking for him, Lu Jingnian knew that her purpose in coming to Youjiaofang was definitely not simple. Li Sasa is trying to capture Lu Jingnian, the flower peacock, she wants to marry Lu Jingnian! It just so happened that Lu Jingnian came at this time, Li Sasa quickly pretended to be dizzy, asked Lu Jingnian to help him with medicine, and also let Qingqiu lure Shengjin away. Li Sasa launched an offensive against Lu Jingnian, Lu Jingnian seemed to suddenly remember something, and the atmosphere between the two gradually became ambiguous. Li Sasa knew that Lu Jingnian was here to test himself.

In order to go home as soon as possible, Li Sasa wanted to contact Lu Jingnian and marry him earlier. Li Sasa saw that a man in black entered Lu Jingnian's room and quickly followed, but the man disappeared in a blink of an eye, and Li Sasa was discovered by Lu Jingnian. Lu Jingnian asked Li Sasa what he was doing in his room. Li Sasa said what he saw just now, but Lu Jingnian didn't believe it. Shengjin was helping Li Sasa to speak at this time. After all, she didn't look like someone who stabbed a knife in the dark. Lu Jingnian naturally understood, so he deliberately got angry in front of everyone. The scent on the day of the fire was exactly the same as today. Lu Jingnian thought this was a clue. Li Sasa also noticed the fragrance, so she went to look at everyone's clothes and learned that everyone was buying rouge gouache at Yunxiangzhai.

Li Sasa took Qingqiu to Yunxiangzhai, but found that the incense shops in the whole street were called Yunxiangzhai. Soon Li Sasa found almond hibiscus powder, but the proprietress was reluctant to reveal the customer's privacy. Everyone in the Lefang was discussing Li Sasa's arson, but Xin'er rolled her eyes and didn't participate. But everyone still went to Lu Jingnian to complain, hoping that Lu Jingnian would give everyone an explanation.