Recap Chinese Drama "Game of Wisdom 2022" Episode 31

Nov 23, 2022

Sun Heping can't forget the passionate university time, and he can't forget the days when he and Yang Liu worked together. Yang Liu didn't continue talking to Sun Heping, although Sun Heping hoped to have a good reunion, but Yang Liu obviously couldn't swallow this breath. After the smoky conversation ended, Sun Heping and Yang Liu seemed to have had a dream. The old classmates had made troubles like this, and Yang Liu tried everything possible to avoid such a scene today but still failed. The eagle flew away, and Sun Heping would not come back again, and he became a prince all the way from then on.

Sun Heping and Qian Ping complained that 62 million outstanding shares was a fatal blow to him. Han Zhong hoped to sell the shares to Bodhidharma to kill people with a knife, but Sun Heping tried to stop it, but the result was chicken and eggs. For Sun Heping, this is a lifelong shame. Everyone wanted to transfer the equity to Bodhidharma, but Yang Liu suddenly proposed to transfer the equity to Sun Heping, saying that the national interest should be put first.

Sun Heping and Qian Ping scolded Yang Liu loudly to vent their anger, while Qian Ping couldn't breathe from laughing beside her. Qian Ping advised Sun Heping to look forward, after all, the past has passed. Qian Ping joked that she would write a book in the future, and Sun Heping slapped the table to talk about the book. It's just that Sun Heping is still depressed and worried about the future of Beiji.

Qin Xinting took people to remove Yang Liu's things, Qi Xiaohua called again to tell him not to believe what the Wings of Love article said, and asked him to come here, but Yang Liu was too tired today and did not agree. Sun Heping is worried that Yangliu and Jack will join forces, Qian Ping thinks this is not like Yangliu's style, and plans to go check it out tomorrow. Yang Liu came home and saw Qin Xinting cooking a table of dishes, and the two of them sat down to eat in harmony for a rare occasion.

Qian Ping felt that Governor Liu would definitely support them, but Sun Heping didn't think so. Qian Ping yelled that she was hungry, so Sun Heping made her a famous Chinese egg. Qin Xinting also made this dish for Yang Liu. She advised Yang Liu not to hurt the feelings of her classmates. After all, Sun Heping is not a bad person. Lao Ma felt that Sun Heping and Liu must be different, they were not the same kind of people, and she also sincerely hoped that Sun Heping could survive this disaster.

The dishes made by Sun Heping reminded Qian Ping of her college days. Speaking of which, Qian Ping only ate the dishes made by Sun Heping with Yang Liu twice. Speaking of Yangliu Sun Heping also regretted a little, they said a lot of harsh words during the quarrel. Speaking of their college days twenty years ago, Sun Heping and Qian Ping were full of nostalgia for that period of ignorant and passionate youth. Yang Liu and Qin Xinting watched a movie, Qin Xinting couldn't bear it anymore and went to bed first, while Yang Liu slept on the sofa.

Jack took the initiative to come to Han Zhong to discuss the transfer of shares, and Yang Liu asked Zhou Zhou to negotiate a price of 360 million yuan. Sun Heping was so anxious that he was afraid that Yang Liu and Bodhidharma would join forces, so that Beiji would have no chance at all, and he completely failed in this battle. Qin Xinting couldn't sleep, so he asked Yang Liu to accompany him to watch the moon, but Yang Liu's phone rang again, saying that Jack had made a counter-offer of 200 million and 300 million, intending that Yang Liu would not accept the counter-offer. They all looked at the moon in the sky at the same time, some were manic while others were quiet, this night was destined to be a sleepless night.

Jack agreed to Yangliu's offer of 300 million and 600 million yuan. Yangliu was very excited when he learned about it, but he would never come forward in person about this matter.