Recap Chinese Drama "Game of Wisdom 2022" Episode 30

Nov 23, 2022

Yang Liu and Zhou Dao didn't see Sun Heping for a long time, and Sun Heping made a big fuss outside, so Yang Liu opened the door to let Sun Heping come in. Zhou Zhou blew his beard and stared at Sun Heping, and said he wanted to have a fight with him. Yang Liu's attitude towards Sun Heping is also full of anger. He feels that he has raised a white-eyed wolf. Yang Liu expressed surprise at the separation of Sun Heping's Beiji, but the separation is inevitable. Sun Heping will not be Yang Liu's servant for the rest of his life, he wants to be equal to Yang Liu. Yang Liu put out the old things of the past and scolded people again. If he hadn't taken in Beiji back then, how could Beiji be where it is today!

Qian Ping stopped the truck that Han Zhong came to pull the goods, and solved the master drivers. Sun Heping simply made it clear to Yang Liu that it was Yang Liu who took a fancy to Beiji's century-old brand of rhetoric to lure Sun Heping into Hanzhong, so why did Yang Liu blame him on the highest point of morality. Sun Heping and Yang Liu had a big quarrel, and Zhou Zhou wished that they would cut off their robes immediately and fan the flames beside them. Yang Liu and Sun Heping calculated their credit value and were very excited. Sun Heping didn't dare to give up, saying that he was a hero. Yang Liu accused Sun Heping of being desperate for profit, and finally the two decided to let go of the game to see who would have the last laugh between Beiji and Hanzhong.

Qian Ping was busy dealing with Hanzhong's driver, and Yang Liu put on her identity as the shareholder of Hope Asset Holdings. Now the combined equity of Hanzhong and Bodhidharma in Hope Asset Holdings has surpassed Beiji, the largest shareholder, and Yang Liu also He intends to transfer this equity to Dharma Industry. Sun Heping suddenly lost his aura and fell into deep thought. Zhou Zhou jumped up and down for Yang Liu's injustice. If the two left, people would lock the office door, and Sun Heping could only be forced to leave.

Now that Hanzhong is Beiji's direct opponent in the game, Sun Heping is very worried about their equity issues, so he quickly called Tian Ye to explain the situation. Tian Ye reported the truck, and Sun Heping quickly asked Tian Ye to continue to let it go. Beiji has not continued to be independent, so Sun Heping can't directly confront Yang Liu, and even has to go back to the meeting.

When Sun Heping appeared at the Hanzhong Group meeting, Yang Liu announced the news of Beiji's independence, clearly slapping Sun Heping in the face. Sun Heping simply stated his position and expressed his gratitude to Beiji. At this time, Zhou Zhou rushed in to question Sun Heping about the seizure of the car. Yang Liu didn't care about this matter anymore, but asked Sun Heping to repay the loan amount. Qi Xiaohua called Qian Ping and scolded Lao Ma angrily, saying how she slandered her and Yang Liu in the article, but Qian Ping knew that Yang Liu couldn't care about these things now, and was busy playing games with Beiji.

Sun Heping said that he wanted to buy 62 million shares of Yangliu, but Yangliu clearly expressed his refusal, no matter how high the bid was, he would not transfer it, but if Jack offered a suitable price, Yangliu might sell it to Bodhidharma. Qi Xiaohua called and scolded Lao Yu, and threatened to sue the Wing of Love again. Sun Heping is very disappointed that Yang Liu even gave up his basic national stand for revenge. They both have a passionate dream, but for Yang Liu, these are in the past, and now he only cares about profit.