Recap Chinese Drama "Game of Wisdom 2022" Episode 29

Nov 23, 2022

Yang Liu and Zhou began to worry that Governor Liu would let them out. If Sun Heping made the company bigger and stronger, Governor Liu would not be happy, and Secretary Chen has always admired Sun Heping. Yang Liu is a little upset, but what should come will always come, and they will join hands with Dharma when necessary. Sun Heping, Qian Ping, Tian Ye and others are planning a new game, and Jack, led by Tang Jiahe, inspects the Red Star Factory overnight.

Director Ren was helpless in the face of the sudden arrival of Tang Jiahe and Jack. Tang Jiahe said that Bodhidharma had taken a fancy to Hongxing, and it was good that they caught up. Bodhidharma will be a very strong opponent of Beiji. Although the director of the factory wants to emphasize the identity of Beiji's largest shareholder, Tang Jiahe will definitely not agree with Beiji holding Red Star. Once Xichuan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission continues to provide equity to Bodhidharma, the threat to Beiji will be great.

Bodhidharma was determined to win Red Star. Under the pressure of Tang Jiahe, the factory manager couldn't say anything for a while, and immediately notified the team members to hold an emergency meeting after they left. Factory manager Ren told Sun Heping the news, and Sun Heping said that he had nothing to say, and was ready to play games. The Tang family and they can find a way to deal with it together. As long as Beiji gets rid of the shackles of the Hanjiang Group, there will be a lot of room for future development. The director of the factory is very anxious, hoping to announce the independence of Beiji as soon as possible, and time waits for no one.

Lao Yu has always hoped that the relationship with Lao Ma can go further, but Lao Ma has never been interested in him, and feels that he is fine by himself. Lao Ma went to beg Ma Mu to come back as the store manager, and Ma Mu was easily coaxed, but his desire to match Lao Yu and Lao Ma has not changed. Governor Liu talked to Yang Liu. When Yang Liu heard the news that Beiji was about to become independent, he couldn't believe that Sun Heping's dream of independence was really about to come true.

After seeing the article written by Lao Ma, Qin Xinting called to question him. Lao Ma finally ended his lawsuit with Qi Xiaohua, and was followed by Qin Xinting again. Yang Liu complained that Governor Liu's actions were unfair, and threatened that his company could not leave, and he would never let Beiji leave, but Governor Liu didn't want to make mistakes, and there was nothing wrong with games, after all, only games can produce market economy. The separation is irretrievable, but Governor Liu is also very worried about Sun Heping and Beiji, and his sad days are yet to come. No one can play the role played by Sun Heping's independence. Yang Liu is still not happy, Governor Liu has always favored Sun Heping, and his emotions are abnormally agitated. After leaving the office, Yang Liu asked the finance department to stop paying all the expenses of Beiji.

Qin Xinting called Yang Liu and said that he should take care of him, saying that he should recognize Qi Xiaohua's fairy nature. Yang Liu stopped all payments from Beiji, and Tian Ye hurriedly called Sun Heping back. Sun Heping was on his way to meet the factory manager, so he had to cancel the meeting temporarily at this time. Sun Heping didn't expect Governor Liu to talk to Yang Liu so quickly, Tian Ye was very emotional, and they didn't pay any money owed by the group.

Yangliu and Zhouxiang pinned their hopes on Nanchai Factory, although the quality of the engine is not as good as that of Beiji. The group hadn't paid for the goods they wanted before, and now that Beiji's inventory was empty and they didn't get the money, Sun Heping was very annoyed that he had been fooled by Yangliu. Sun Heping personally came to Yang Liu to collect debts. Yang Liu said that he wanted to discuss business with Zhou Zhou and drove him outside the office, while the two in the office were scolding the heartless wolf.