Recap Chinese Drama "Game of Wisdom 2022" Episode 28

Nov 23, 2022

Governor Liu thought that Sun Heping had a ghost in his heart, so he didn't listen to his report, and just scolded him. Lao Yu was busy trying to get Ma Mu back, but Ma Ma wanted to poach Lao Yu away instead, making Lao Yu dumbfounded. Sun Heping reported his work to Governor Liu, telling how they obtained the equity of Hope Capital Holdings, and they have become the controlling shareholder of Red Star. Governor Liu was very surprised when he heard this sentence, and then he became serious. Ma Mu has always wanted to match Lao Yu with Lao Ma, but unfortunately Lao Ma doesn't like Lao Yu, so Ma Mu hopes that Lao Yu will start a new company with her.

Governor Liu and Sun Heping are still talking. Anyway, Sun Heping is a ministerial cadre and should obey his superiors. Sun Heping said that he quit this ministerial cadre, and Governor Liu lost his temper. Sun Heping was very wronged. He was dragged back to be the director of the factory. Now he wants to realize his dream. What is wrong with him? Governor Liu believes that it is better for Hanjiang Province to have a united and unified heavy-duty truck group. There cannot be two major groups coexisting. A united Hanjiang Heavy Truck Group is second to none in the country. What is wrong with this? But Sun Heping believes that the problems of Hanzhong Group cannot be easily changed, and Yangliu can't handle it at all. Hanzhong Group is a big hole, a big hole that cannot be seen at a glance. But Governor Liu now trusts Yangliu even more. Sun Heping threatens Governor Liu, saying that if Beiji cannot be independent, he will leave.

Liu Bingding gave up Jack's 1.4 billion quotation, and Jack was very puzzled and annoyed by this. Governor Liu called Secretary Chen to listen to his opinions. Few people dared to challenge him, and Sun Heping was a lunatic. But sometimes it's the madman who changes the world. Secretary Chen believes that Sun Heping is an outstanding and outstanding entrepreneur. Although Governor Liu is very upset, Sun Heping's ability is indeed outstanding. Secretary Chen hopes to separate Beiji from Hanzhong, and it is time to give them independent certificates.

Although Governor Liu was upset, he still accepted her words and asked her to call Sun Heping back again. Secretary Chen reminded Governor Liu that both Yangliu and Tang Jiahe were difficult to deal with, and hoped he would help, but Governor Liu did not agree. A market economy is a market economy.

Governor Liu agreed to Beiji's independence, and Sun Heping won. Yang Liu and Zhou Dao didn't know about this, and wanted Sun Heping to leave Beiji to rectify. After hearing the good news about Sun Heping, the director of the factory decided to fulfill his promise. He was looking for Beiji, but Tang Jiahe was not optimistic about Beiji and always wanted to introduce foreign capital. Jack was not reconciled and decided to go to Tang Jiahe.

Sun Heping ran to report to Yang Liu, saying that Liu Bingding's equity had been taken by them, and they also showed Wang Xiaofei's quotation. Machine independent messages. Faced with Ma Ma's temptation of money, Lao Yu couldn't help being tempted. Lao Ma quickly asked him to promise not to leave, but Lao Yu still hoped Ma Ma would not leave Wings of Love. Ma's mother's professional dedication made Lao Ma a headache, not only worried about her marriage, but also introduced a partner to the former leader Qin Xinting, which was really overwhelming.